Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions that may help you understand us a little better. You may think we are assholes. That’s because we are…

Q: Do we like you?

A: No. We don’t know you yet, so come fix this.

Q: Do we have a thing called bike week or a rally?

A: Yes that’s the whole point of the bar. Didn’t you read the site?

Q: Can I come to bike week?

A: I guess but you need to stop asking stupid questions and get on the road.

Q: Can I get food and beer there?

A: God you are an ass, yes of course you can. But only if you stop talking now.

Q: Are you only open for bike week?

A: No we are open year round.

Q: How many bike weeks are there?

A: Two; one in spring and one in fall. Check out the calendar…

Q:Are you biker friendly and can I ride my bike there?

A: Now you are just pissing me off. Of course you can.

Q: How long have you been open?

A: Since 1996.

Q: Who is welcome at SBB?

A: Every asshole that makes it to the door. What’s stopping you?

Q: Did they tear down 4 Corners?

A: “They” is us. And yes we did. We partied like a bunch of hellions Spring Rally 2013, right after Rebel Son played and then tore that mother down.

A #2: It’s still there… Just heavily camouflaged.

A # 3: A magician used it in a magic show and it has yet to reappear.  (You choose which answer you like best.)

Q: Who reads the FAQ’s anyway?

A: Well….. you.

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